Ancient Secrets of Shiatsu Therapy, Treatment and Training

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Shiatsu is an internationally known and used effective method of naturally healing. Basic shiatsu was founded in Japan in the early 1900’s by Tokujiro Namikoshi, and the name comes from the words “shi” which means the thumbs and fingers and “atsu” meaning pressure. At the tender age on seven, Namikoshi starting pressing and stroking in other joints to help alleviate the pain from what we now call rheumatoid arthritis. He developed sensitivity to temperature and skin condition and also to stiffness and realized that the best response came when he applied pressure 80% of the time and rubbed 20%.

He studied anatomy and opened his first shiatsu institute in 1925, in 1940 it became national and has been practiced under Japan’s national health act since 1955 and from the 1970s onward, basic shiatsu has spread in popularity worldwide.

Basic shiatsu is completely safe natural method therapy. Using the thumbs, fingers and palms of the hand, pressure is applied to various parts for the body by stroking and pressing. It relaxes the nervous system and can help improve health by stimulating the body’s recuperative powers. It is of great benefit in aiding recovery and rehabilitation after illness or accident and can also help reduce the effects of stress, which can cause serious illnesses. Shiatsu is a natural form of treatment for the body without the use of drugs. Shiatsu is also used to prevent illness and injury, improves concentration and mental focus. A client usually lies on a massage table, soft matting or seated in a chair, the practitioner applies pressure to the entire body and may pay extra attention to any problematic areas. Occasionally, if there is a specific problem spot, the treatment would be more localized. Depending on the nature of the condition of a client, the treatment is usually less than an hour.

Its non-invasive application render it extremely beneficial for everyone. From the elderly, to children, including pregnant women or people with injuries or illnesses. People can benefit from shiatsu even when they are not ill as shiatsu is the balancing of energies and strengthening vitality and it is the increasing of these energy levels the help reduces stress related symptoms such as tension and anxiety.

People find they have more stamina, better posture and circulation and generally feel better all over. Regular shiatsu helps the body heal itself and many find it relieves daily symptoms of our hectic lifestyle such as fatigue, headache, indigestion, general aches and pains and PMS.

Basic shiatsu will leave the person feeling relaxed and re-energized. The more regular the treatments the long the effects will last and the more impact it will have on your body and in fact your daily life.

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