Angular Cheilitis Embarrassment

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As you might imagine someone suffering with an outbreak of Angular Cheilitis, also known as Perleche, will be quite anxious to find a cure, not only for the painful, itchy and frequently bleeding sores but also to avoid the self-conscious feelings and embarrassment about the way it looks.

In fact angular cheilitis is embarrassing in more ways than you might think. Obviously there is the embarrassment you feel when you are afflicted with this condition but then, there is the embarrassment felt by most people you will encounter. You may have experienced this sort of social awkwardness yourself, feeling repulsed, trying not to look at the sores on a person’s face, or even trying to think of some way to excuse yourself in order to distance yourself, not only from the awkwardness but just in case it may be catching.

Surprisingly, most people mistakenly think that angular cheilitis is evidence of a disease of a much more serious kind like herpes or AIDS or even leprosy! Just imagine the sheer horror that an uninformed person might feel upon encountering someone with ugly cracked and bleeding sores on their face and believing that it might be contagious and even life-threatening. Viewed through the eyes of a child for instance, such an experience could be quite traumatic.

Considering the fact that angular cheilitis is quite common among seniors, grandmas and grandpas may feel a greater urgency besides the discomfort, to find a solution to this problem, if only for the sake of their grandchildren.

In reality, an angular cheilitis outbreak can afflict anyone, from infants to the elderly and all ages in between, however for certain age groups the embarrassment, humiliation and social stigma can be perceived as far out of proportion to any physical discomfort this ailment entails.

The negative social impact on teenagers for instance can be devastating. Not only does such an obvious condition result in a loss of social status and isolation but there may be a tendency for some teenagers, out of sheer desperation, to attempt unsafe or even dangerous solutions to their problem. Although not life threatening or even a very serious physical condition, angular cheilitis can pose a serious threat to the emotional and mental health of certain individuals who may place a disproportionate value on physical appearance and social status.

Probably the greatest obstacle to an effective cure for angular cheilitis is the universal lack of understanding of this condition. Simply stated angular cheilitis begins with tiny cracks in the skin at the corners of your mouth caused by a dietary deficiency of essential minerals and vitamins, and then becomes worse when bacteria (contained in saliva), is introduced when you lick the corners of your mouth to relieve the stinging and itching caused by the tiny cracks in your skin.

Fortunately, there is a way to quickly put an end to angular cheilitis embarrassment and it’s not a commercial cream or ointment but simply a regimen that when followed can usually produce amazing results and best of all, this natural remedy for angular cheilitis can easily be instantly downloaded via the Internet for your own use or for someone you love.

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