Can You Really Increase Your IQ With Brainwave Entrainment?

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Many experts will tell you that IQ scores (and general intelligence levels) are static and cannot by increased. Surprisingly, these experts manage to completely ignore a mass of evidence to the contrary.Evidence which is growing daily, and is very difficult to ignore. First of all, cognitive abilities are not static. Scores on IQ tests can fluctuate based on numerous factors: general health, stress level, anxiety, the presence of conditions such as ADD or ADHD, sleep regularity, etc. Even more than that, many recent studies have shown that IQ can be significantly increased using certain treatment methods. In other words, yes you can absolutely increase your IQ.

Here is one fascinating example: Professor Thomas Budzynski conducted experiments with a small group of underachieving college students from Western Washington University. Using a method called brain entrainment (using light and/or sound pulses to change the brains electrical patterns), the students all experienced significant improvements on both test scores and IQ tests. Amazingly, the students continued to improve even AFTER the treatments had ended. In yet another study, Budzynski found that this therapy could also increase the cognitive abilities of the elderly. The study participants showed measurable increases in bloodflow to the brain and increased cognitive function.

In another study, Drs. Susan and Siegfried Othmer found that significant IQ increases were possible using brainwave training.

The most startling results were in subjects with ADHD who had a starting IQ under 100… in these cases, IQ scores shot up by 33 points on average.

Numerous other tests have confirmed the above findings: using brainwave technology, it is possible to raise your IQ and increase cognitive function. Exactly how is this possible? Budzynski’s study found that when participant’s brainwaves were stimulated, bloodflow to the brain was increased. The excellent results of using brainwave technology on ADHD cases suggests that focus and mental clarity are also involved, and in fact focus and clarity themselves may result from specific brainwave states. But what if you are not a senior? What if you don’t have ADHD? Is it still possible to increase your IQ? Yes, absolutely.

Study participants without any existing conditions measured dramatic increases in IQ, from 5 to 15 points on average. Also, study participants treated with brainwave therapy routinely reported feelings of increased calm, focus, lowered anxiety and better learning, even after the experiments were over. So why do people persist in thinking that IQ is a static number? It is quite simple: Old beliefs die hard, particularly when they shake the foundation of blindly accepted scientific beliefs.

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