Why Are Inmates Losing Their Minds in Prison?

While at least half of all prisoners have some mental health concerns, about 10 to 25 percent of U.S. prisoners suffer from serious mental illnesses, such as major affective disorders or schizophrenia. That compares with an average rate of about 5 percent for serious mental illness in the U.S. population in general. I believe that […]

Alcohol Abuse and the Elderly: The Hidden Population

As a society, we share a complicated history with alcohol. During the later part of the 19th century, politicians, women’s groups, and churches banded together to convince lawmakers to outlaw alcohol. In 1919, the U.S. Congress passed the 18th Amendment, making the sale and distribution of alcohol illegal. Alcohol consumption declined but did not prevent […]

50 Percent US Kids With Mental Health Conditions Remain Untreated, Claims Study

Half of the children in the United States suffering from any kind of mental disorder remain untreated, revealed a recently published study. The researchers analyzed data gathered from the 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health, a nationwide survey administered to the parents of young adolescents. The findings revealed that out of the 46.6 million youngsters […]

Why People Don’t Seek Mental Health Treatment

Because of the increase of school shootings across the United States, there is an ongoing debate regarding solutions. One of the most looked at causes behind mass shootings are the mental state of the shooters themselves. Most mass shooters have some things in common with each other. 1. Grew up in a fatherless home 2. […]

The Philosophy Of Ayurveda And Its Role In Providing Mental Stability

Ayurveda is a research based domain or in medical science which is known to provide natural cure for different type of psychological problems. The study of mental health in ayurveda constitutes one of the 8 divisions of ayurvedic medicine. The line defining something as a psychological or physical is very thin in ayurveda. Patients often […]