Depression And E-Lybra Bioresonance Healing

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E-Lybra bio-resonance re-balancing can be extremely effective in managing psychological conditions. I have worked with a number of clients who have suffered from depression and related psychological disorders, and the results can be quite dramatic and surprisingly fast, in every case the client has experienced improvements in their condition.

Lindsay, a 40 year old woman, came to me suffering with long term depression which had created low self-esteem and gradually her life had become a downward spiral. The first time I ran the e-Lybra on Lindsay was after a telephone conversation, where through tears she told me of her despair. I noted down that she was suffering from more than depression and noted down all the other psychological conditions, eg financial shock, emotional stress, fear, physical shock etc. Although I had no hair sample for analysis and she had no e-capsule, the two hour session on her psychological conditions brought fast and lasting results.

I spoke to her 24 hours after her session and she sounded so much brighter and told me how she could hardly believe the improvement. The evening of the re-balancing was followed by a broken night’s sleep, though she slept late the following morning and rose with an awareness that the depression had lifted. After ten days I heard from her again and the depression had not returned and she had experienced only a couple of minor waves of anxiety. She now felt that she could manage those lesser symptoms more effectively on her own. It was wonderful to hear how she was taking steps to move her life forward and applying for a job. Although well-educated, Lindsay had not reached her full potential in the world of work due to her psychological illness. She delighted in telling me how she had put together a new CV, felt confident in herself and could at last see a light at the end of the tunnel. What was particularly noticeable to me was that the decision to move forward with her life sounded ‘effortless’. Lindsay said she felt ‘lighter’ and more energetic.

I have recently begun to run the e-Lybra healing with good results, to re-balance the adrenal glands with clients suffering from fear, anxiety and depression, particularly those who have suffered emotional trauma as children. It appears from recent research by Dr. Candace Pert (Book: Molecules of Emotion), that these individuals are more likely to suffer from the above psychological conditions and the adrenal imbalance can play a part in their continuing feelings of unhappiness.

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