Jobs For ADHD Teens

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Teens greatly benefit from having a job, whether just for the summer or a part-time, after school gig. However, for a teen with ADHD, a job is much more than just a method of making cash. With the right position, ADHD teens can find ways to build their social skills and improve their concentration and communication skills, creating huge benefits in their everyday life and setting a precedent for the rest of their lives.

Not all jobs are suited for a teen who suffers from ADHD. If you want your teen to get the most out of his job, then it`s a good idea to take the time to find a position that works for him. There are a few guidelines to ensure that the best job is chosen.

Find a Job That Fits

Look for jobs that your teen already has an interest in. It`s far easier for an ADHD teen to pay attention in a job that he or she is fascinated by, so it`s a good idea to look for something that is really interesting for them. This isn`t the only criteria though.

A position that utilizes skills your teen already has will be far more beneficial, particularly for a first job. This allows teens to focus on the process, rather than learning specific skill sets. It also means more time to practice those communication and organization skills.

Pick a Job With Routine

There are plenty of jobs available that change the hours of shifts all the time. You may even come across some that offer alternating night and day shifts. These are definitely not a good idea for any teen who suffers from ADHD. The best jobs for these children will provide a steady routine, which the teen can get accustomed to and work with. ADHD kids thrive on routine and having the same schedule day after day, week after week, can only help with the entire job experience.

Find Out What is Expected Ahead of Time

Your ADHD teen will do far better in the new job if they understand exactly what is expected of them. A sit down discussion with the employer or manager can really be beneficial. Keep the meeting short and take notes on what is to be expected. These can be reviewed as needed.

Going into the job with the knowledge that the work to be done is not that difficult can be a big help. Rather than worrying about whether or not he or she can do the job, the teen is now focused on doing it well and getting along with fellow workers.

Suggested Jobs for Teens with ADHD

Some of the best jobs for ADHD teens are included here, but remember that it will depend on the teen as to which job they will thrive in. It`s always best to choose something you are interested in, as it makes the job much easier.

– Camp Counselor – lots of routine, great practice for communicating

– Lawn Care – this is an active position that can keep ADHD teens involved and working on focus and completion of tasks.

– Sous Chef or Dishwasher – working behind the scenes in a restaurant offers plenty of movement and stimulation, keeping those brain cells working.

Remember that not every job will be suitable for your teen. Each person has their own individual preferences and it`s important to follow those, or the job could rapidly become boring and unpleasant. Teens with ADHD need a job where they are kept stimulated and interested for best results. Take the time to find the right job and you will be rewarded with a teen who enjoys their work.

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