Mental Health Help – What Are Mental Illnesses? How to Eliminate Abnormal Behavior and Find Peace

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Why mental illnesses exist and how to cure them was a problem that worried me from the time of my childhood, because my father was schizophrenic, but since he had financial power, his absurdity didn’t prevent him from giving orders.

I saw from the beginning of my life that we live in a crazy world, where absurd people can govern and make decisions on behalf of others, imposing their will.

Later I saw one of my best friends being dominated by a grave mental illness. He was like a brother to me, and his case had a tremendous effect on my life.

After my long trip to the US and Europe, I met him in a clinic in Sao Paulo (Brazil), where he was an inmate, because he had started breaking everything in his house, and hitting his two sisters, full of anger, without giving any explanation to anyone. He was considered psychotic, and had treatment with a psychiatrist for 5 years.

My uncle Leonid was also another case I followed with sadness. He became hysterical after losing his position as a consul. He had a good heart, but belonged to a rare psychological type that can find peace and mental health in life only through art.

However, it was only when I myself had to face the battle against my own absurdity that I could understand what a mental illness really means, and what provokes it, by continuing the research of Carl Jung into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation.

I saw clearly that the human being is still an animal, who inherits a huge primitive conscience, very violent, in the biggest part of his brain.

This primitive conscience causes all existent mental illnesses, because it keeps trying to control our behavior, so that it may get rid of our human sensibility.

Mental illnesses are in fact distortions in the functionalism of our nervous system, which cause a lack of equilibrium and abnormal behavior, and are provoked by the poisonous invasion of the anti-conscience into the human side of our conscience, which starts sending absurd thoughts and feelings. Later, it manages to completely destroy our consciousness through dizziness, emptiness in our mind, hallucinations and unbearable sensations.

The scientific method of dream interpretation can help everyone find peace and mental health, eliminating the dangerous influence of the anti-conscience, because the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is our natural doctor: the best specialist we could ever find.

Arnold had electroshock treatment after showing abnormal behavior, and never again recuperated his human conscience, living totally dependent on the heavy medicine his psychiatrist was giving him, until he put an end to his own life, jumping from the 14th floor of the building he lived in.

Today everyone can find their mental health through dream interpretation according to the scientific method, no matter if they are schizophrenic, psychotic, hysterical, neurotic, or if they only suffer from depression; and today we can prevent all mental illnesses beforehand by eliminating the dangerous influence of the anti-conscience, so that no-one will ever come to the point of being dominated by craziness like my brother.

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