Speech Treatment – How to Teach the “L” Sound

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Articulation delays are typical in young youngsters and a number of speech seems can be specifically tough for small children to master. A person seem that problems lots of youngsters is the /l/ audio. /L/ is a rather effortless audio to teach for the reason that it is manufactured around the front of the mouth, creating it simple to “see.” Little ones ought to be capable to deliver /l/ in discussion by age 5.

The most widespread mistake is substituting a /w/ for /l/. Some youngsters might use /y/ for /l/ or omit the /l/ altogether.

The /l/ sound is made by positioning the tongue tip powering the higher entrance teeth, against the gum ridge. The sides of the tongue are lowered in purchase to let the voice to move around the sides of the tongue.


  1. Model the accurate placement of the tongue, working with a mirror. Touch the gum ridge with a spoon or popsicle stick to reveal to the youngster the place to make tongue get in touch with.
  2. Follow raising and reducing the tongue tip to fortify the tongue and build awareness.
  3. Have the baby open his mouth widely, maintain an “ah” audio though increasing his tongue idea to the /l/ placement.
  4. Exercise /l/ vowel babbling…. “Lalala, loolooloo, leeleelee.” You might find that the /l/ is a lot easier to create when mixed with particular vowels. Apply the a lot easier syllables first.
  5. Review the tongue idea seems. Have the little one follow: “tee, dee, nee, lee,” etc.
  6. If the boy or girl substitutes /w/ for /l/, gently unfold the child’s lips to discourage him from rounding them when creating /l/.

The moment the boy or girl can develop an L audio continuously in isolation or in a short syllable, have him observe it at the commencing of text, these kinds of as mild, lamp, permit, and lip. Then get started to exercise /l/ in the center and finishes of terms and lastly in sentences.

With regular exercise, you must quickly see improvement in your child’s speech!

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