High THC Marijuana Use Can Lead to Long Term Chronic Mental Health Issues

Back in the 60s smoking weed was quite popular. There was something of a cultural revolution going on. Most of the folks that smoked pot back then eventually grew out of it and went on to have families and enjoy a normal life in American society. Only about 10% of those over the age of […]

5 Things to Know If Your Child in Special Education Needs Mental Health Services!

Does your child with autism have behavioral difficulties and need psychotherapy? Has your teenager with Learning Disabilities who struggles with academics begun to act up at school? Does your child have emotional disorders from trauma or early life before adoption? Mental Heath Needs affect a lot of children with disabilities who are currently receiving special […]

Mental Health Nursing Jobs – Working in a Diverse Environment

If you are considering a career in mental health nursing, you will gain experience in giving treatment, care and support to clients with moderate to extreme emotional, mental and psychological problems. Mental health nursing jobs offer you the opportunity to work in a diverse environment. Some of the roles you will find yourself performing in […]

Exercises and Workouts – Three Ways Exercise Benefits Your Mental Health

If you are planning on becoming healthier and improve your overall well-being, it should come as no surprise to know exercise is one of the most critical factors for your success. However, what many people do not realize is exercise also boosts brain health. It is going to do so much more for you than […]

How to Maintain Physical and Mental Health

Health is a very important part of human life, and plays a crucial role to the development of human beings, the revolution of society, the updating of culture, and the change of lifestyle. However, what is the definition of health? In 1948, the World Health Organization gave a specific one: Health not only means no […]

YOGA For Mental Health, Mind and Body

Yoga is a system of mental and physical exercises which were originally developed in India over thousands of years. Yoga comes in many forms specifically designed to suit different types of people. As a result, some forms of yoga have gained significant popularity outside India, particularly in the West during the past century. Today there […]

Should Alcohol Taxes Pay For Mental Health Programs? Do the Math

Improving the Mental Health System According to a news release that was dated May 9, 2006, the “Standing Senate Committee On Social Affairs, Science and Technology” in Canada recommended the creation of a Canadian Mental Health Commission that will be responsible for significantly upgrading the Canadian mental health system. As stated by Senator Michael Kirby, […]

Fasting For Mental Health

Fasting can be stimulating not only for the body, and the regeneration of cells, but for the regeneration of cells in the mind. For centuries religious fasts have been occurring to bring one closer with the divine, and to increase spiritual awareness. Today, fasting occurs mainly in traditional eastern medicine and traditional practices. What are […]

Glossery of Syptoms and Mental Illness Affecting Teenagers

Being a teenager is not easy. Adolescents feel all kinds of pressures — to do well in school, to be popular with peers, to gain the approval of parents, to make the team, to be cool. In addition, many teenagers have other special problems. For example, they may worry about a parent being out of […]

Tips On How To Improve Your Emotional And Mental Health

Your current lifestyle may not be beneficial in maintaining your emotional and mental health. Our society is overworked, overstressed, and too focused on things that don’t support good psychological well-being. Being proactive and doing things that foster good mental health can be a powerful way to enrich the quality of your day-to-day life. Apply these […]