The Sedona System VS OCD: Achievement

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Not long ago, I have been performing with a young person who has had a prognosis of Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. I use the techniques of the Sedona Strategy, which I now get in touch with Sedona Process KISS Releasing, the initial work of Lester Levenson. He was provided up on by psychology gurus, and psychiatrists have been prescribing psych medications for him. I intervened in this problem, and the outcomes have been almost nothing brief of amazing. He enjoys our get the job done collectively and has produced great advancement in decreasing all the signs or symptoms he exhibited in the beginning.

I believe that these success illustrate the powerful efficacy of the Sedona Approach, and my approach, KISS Releasing, in specific. It was established by physicist, Lester Levenson, in 1974, duplicating his very own self therapeutic operate with a terminal heart issue in 1952. In 3 months time he regained his overall health, and lived until finally he was 85, regardless of the dire predictions of his physicians at the time. He was 42 when this therapeutic occurred. He put in the relaxation of his everyday living educating some others what he experienced experienced and skilled academics to carry on his operate.

OCD is noted to impact 1 in 50 Individuals. It is characterised by intrusive views that develop nervousness, by repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing anxiety, or by a mixture of such thoughts, obsessions, and behaviors/compulsions. Our do the job is to using all his inner thoughts to the a few Master Systems that I train in the program. He then lets go of the thoughts underneath these applications, and he starts to arrive at a normal and stable mental condition. He now bargains proficiently with the stresses of every day dwelling. He can function on his own when OCD triggers happen. This protocol is working proficiently for him and can for others.

What took place in this scenario is this. OCD is characterized predominantly by a very “noisy” mind. It is whole of applications, i.e., scripts, that command the affected individual (subconsciously) into performing inappropriate points compulsively. The Sedona Method counteracts this, and lets the impacted individual to regain regulate more than his thoughts. He can then determine to obey the “commands” or not and make a lot more correct, conscious selections. The consequence is a a great deal happier and successful individual. Tony can attest to this. He raves about the Approach and our function collectively.

The Sedona Process is not a substitute for remedy by health-related specialists, but merely an choice to the ordinary solutions in the area. It may perhaps not perform in all situations of OCD, but in this one particular, in has been extremely helpful.

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